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3 Day Bright Angel Loop Hike

Our Bright Angel Loop 3 day excursion is the classic Grand Canyon hiking venture. You'll see all the Grand Canyon highlights with unbelievable views!...

Grandview Trail to Coconino Saddle

From the Colorado River to the Painted Desert on the Navajo Reservations, one can see for more than 100 miles on a clear canyon day....

Tanner Trail to 75-Mile Saddle

The Tanner Trail to 75-Mile Saddle hiking tour will give you some of the most spectacular views of the canyon. This tour is for the more adventurous h...

3 Day Havasu Falls Trip

Duration: 3 days
Departs from: Aztec Inn in Seligman

Havasupai lies within an Indian Reservation and is a favorite hiker's destination. Literally translated, Havasupai means, ''people of the blue-green water.'' Indeed, the focus of most visitors' attention is the sky-high waterfalls cascading into pools of blue-green water. Havasupai is simply a piece of paradise.

The tour is a backpacking excursion which lasts three days. It begins at Hualapai Hilltop where you will descend 10 miles through the canyon to your first campground, passing Supai Village on the way. By the second day, you will enjoy the infamous Mooney and Havasu Falls. Dive in and experience several of the world's greatest natural swimming holes.

If packing your own gear 10-miles down the canyon sounds far-fetched, don't sweat: this tour offers mule support to carry the heavy items. If that is still too much, check out other options like descending by horseback or in a helicopter.

Be advised that this trip requires you to exert healthy physical effort. Moderate physical fitness is strongly encouraged. Also note that the experienced tour guides will bring all the camping equipment, leaving you with the duty of caring your clothes, camera, and toothbrush. Tennis shoes or hiking boots are required.

  • Day 1: Depart at 4:00 am
  • Day 2: Explore 4 different waterfalls
  • Day 3: Return early at 4:00 am
  • Elevation Change: 2200 ft/640 m
  • No minimum group size
  • Enjoy Gourmet Meals - Our guides will prepare your breakfast each morning, a gourmet lunch, and a hearty dinner each night. We always supply fresh fruits and vegetables, sports drinks, and all the delicious snacks you need. We provide all clients with meal options before their trip. We provide vegetarian meals and other special preparation upon your request. Please notify in writing of any food allergies.
  • Experienced Tour Guides - All of our guides possess a vast knowledge of all aspects of the Grand Canyon. We take pride in sending our clients out with guides who have the ability to deal with any situation that may occur. Whether it's a question on canyon geology, or wrapping a sprained ankle, our guides are there to take care of your needs and ensure a pleasant and safe canyon experience. We will call you before your trip to make sure you have everything you need and answer any question you may have.
Type of Trans

Pickup vehicles and hiking

Physical Activity Level

Moderate physical fitness is needed for our backpack trips. Our more challenging trips will require not only a higher lever of fitness but also some level of Grand Canyon or desert backpacking experience. Please let us know of any health problems or concerns before your trip.

What to Wear

Comfortable outdoor clothing that allows for flexibility and can get dirty. Tennis or hiking shoes recommended. Bring own clothing, shoes, toothbrush, hat, camera, etc.

Tour Notes
  • We include all camping equipment including tents, all necessary gear, food, permits, guide, etc.
  • You only have to bring clothes, toothbrush, camera, toiletries, etc.
  • Havasu Falls has no group size limit

20 Miles


All year round but call in advance because tours book extremely fast.

Departure Time & Location

Tours all start in Seligman, AZ at the Aztec Inn (928)422-3055. Tours start and varying times, concrete schedule will be provided upon booking.

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