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Approximate Time:
$870.92 per Single x
$1732.38 per Group of 2 x
$2598.57 per Group of 3 x
$3137.60 per Group of 4 x
$3922.00 per Group of 5 x

Advanced Air Combat Mission

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be a ''Top Gun?'' This tour will give you the opportunity of a lifetime. Fly your own combat airplane just like...

Aerobatic Power Ride

Our Aerobatic Power Ride will give you the opportunity to experience flying aerobatics without taking the controls. You can sit by and let the flight ...

Aerobatic Super Ride

The Super Ride definitely delivers an experience to last a lifetime. Fly a real aircraft under the supervision of an expert aerobatic instructor. This...

Introduction to Air Combat Maneuvering

Duration 2.5 - 3.5 Hours total/30 min flight
Departs from: Phoenix/Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA)

With this unique opportunity you get to live the dream of being a fighter pilot without going through years of military service and training. We teach you the basics of modern air combat maneuvering, both offensive, and defensive, as well as actual air to air combat. That's right; YOU fly for 30 minutes on an air to air combat mission!

When you book this Introduction to Air Combat Maneuvering flight you'll receive an air combat tactics manual to review prior to your adventure. Next you will arrive at our squadron and our friendly staff will greet you, you'll pick a leather call sign by which you'll be known throughout the day, and then you'll get suited up in your flight gear. You'll be briefed on tactical air combat maneuvers and then you and your flight instructor will step into the aircraft to get strapped in for the mission. You'll take off in formation to the training area where warm ups will begin. First on the itinerary is advanced handling, weapons usage, and finally basic aerobatic maneuvers.

Then it's "Check Six!" as you fly 5 g-pulling air combat engagements in a ''Show and Do'' profile utilizing offensive and defensive tactics against your opponent. The flight is culminated with a thrilling three-dimensional smoke chase, each aircraft alternating ''lead and follow'' positions across the sky. An exciting formation high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway marks your arrival and "wows" family and friends watching from our observation deck. The mission is debriefed by recreating your tactical flight using the multiple-view video and in-flight notes evaluating shots and tactics. Your video is included. Leather call sign and other FCI gear are available for purchase.

The adventure is unlike any other and the memories gained from this experience will stay with you forever. Come and get the royal treatment from Explore Arizona Tours, we'll teach you how to fly like a real fighter pilot!

  • 45 minute Pre-Flight Briefing on the basics of Air Combat
  • Aircraft handling and G Exercises, Formation take-off and demonstration
  • Up to 5 air combat engagements
  • Offensive perch demo with gun track exercises, fly offensive perch, defensive perch demo, fly defensive perch
  • Neutral engagement demo with fighting wing exercise
  • Return to base for high-speed formation Battle Break to full stop landing
  • Video debrief included with package
Type of Transportation

EXTRA 300L: German-Built, FAA-Certified, Unlimited Aerobatic Category Airplane

Physical Activity Level

Medical fitness is the responsibility of the customer: Consult your physician with any fitness, medical or nutritional concerns. Nausea medication is acceptable just prior to your mission provided you have consulted a physician concerning the use of such a product as a passenger aboard an aerobatic aircraft. Customer must be able to get in and out of aircraft on their own - with no assistance (high step onto wing, deep step into aircraft and flexible enough to be able to slide into the seat). Must be able to understand and speak English fluently. The more ''fit'' a person is, the better they will be able to withstand the physical challenges of their flight.

What to Wear

We recommend you dress comfortably (jeans or shorts & T-shirt), close-toed shoes, sunglasses a must, and jacket & gloves in the winter months. Flight suit provided for the day

Tour Notes
  • Formation T/O and demonstration
  • Height maximum of 6' 6''
  • Weight maximum of 240 lbs. (based on parachute limits)
  • Age minimum of 15 years of age and a minimum of 100 lbs.

2 - 3.5 hrs total - flight time 30 min


Tuesdays through Saturdays all year long. NOTE - we start very early during the summer months due to the heat. We try to have all flying complete by 11:00am during the summer months.

Booking Instructions:

**Price is per party, not individual person. You should always only input the number 1**

Call us for discount price if you have a group bigger than 5 people.

Departure Time & Location

Time to be determined upon booking flight. Select preferred flight session. Times may vary. They start as early as 5:45am from May 15-Sept 30 and 7:45am Oct 1-May 14. Meet at the Phoenix/Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA), 5865 South Sossaman Road, Mesa, Arizona 85212

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