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Approximate Time: 6:00 PM
$150.00 per Adult x
$125.00 per Child (6 - 16) x

Desert Hummer Adventure

Share fun and entertaining stories with our guides as you off road in a fully equipped Hummer. The Hummer Adventure in the Sonoran Desert Tour is one ...

Night Vision Desert Hummer Tour

Duration: 4 Hours
Departs from: Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Scottsdale

In the desert part of Scottsdale, Arizona lays some very unique wildlife. On the Sonoran Desert Night Vision Hummer Tour you get the opportunity to plunge deep into the darkness of this glorious desert and see some of these breathtaking creatures. This is an intense, hands on tour where you'll get to use some of the most powerful equipment available. Imagine sitting quietly in your hummer anticipating your chance to spot dangerous wildlife such as bobcats and coyotes. With the help of our $3,000 ITT GEN 3 Nite Scope you'll be privileged to do just that. You and your family get to sit comfortably and be entertained by your guide as he shares stories about the fascinating desert wildlife of which 95% become active during summer nights.

Also used on this tour is our Raytheon XP 200 Thermal Image. Used to spot warm blooded wildlife, this incredible piece of technology can spot animals up to 500 meters away in complete darkness. You and your group will also have the outstanding chance to go on a scorpion hunt with your guide using professional grade black UV lights. This device will turn the scorpions bright yellow, easily spotted in pitch black darkness. Finally you will get to look through the Celestron Sky Scout, a personal planetarium with 6,000 GPS targets. Using this, you and your group get to explore the night sky in a way you probably never thought possible. The experiences on this Sonoran Desert Night Vision Hummer Tour from Scottsdale, Arizona are unforgettable. You and your group will have an absolute blast on this adventure. There is fun, excitement, beauty, and intense adventure all awaiting you and your family on this remarkable tour.

  • ITT GEN 3 Nite Vision Scopes and Raytheon XP200 Thermal Image Scope
  • Scopes are ''shared'' with adult when kids are 12 and younger.
  • Scorpion hunts are a blast for the kids
  • Celestron's new ''Sky Scout.'' Your personal planetarium with 6000 GPS targets with a touch of a button
  • Bottled water, soda, ice, and cooler provided.
  • Your guide is the best of the best. Our guides have been with us an average of seven years.
Type of Transportation

Hummer - seats 10 guests per vehicle! Drive from meeting location to site is about 40 minutes.

What to Wear

Dress for the weather - it may be colder in the desert that in town. Close-toed comfortable tennis or hiking shoes recommended.

We're More Than A Tour we're a high quality adventure! We are the original Hummer tour provider. We founded the industry twelve years ago, and our staff collectively has over one hundred years of guide experience.

**Restricted to those who have had recent back surgery, or are pregnant**


4 Hours


daily, year round

**Tour needs to accommodate at least 6 in convoy**

If booking with less people than this, call in first to check availability.

Departure Time & Location

Departs from the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery at 6:00 PM. Departure times may vary (June - September) according to season.

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Check out our Desert Hummer Adventure tour.

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