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Rock Climbing Arizona Tours

Rock climbing Arizona tours give its visitors a chance to take in the majestic Arizona scenery while embarking on heart pounding adventures. Rock climbing is fast becoming a popular sport for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Once considered an extreme sport, rock climbing has emerged as an activity that is enjoyed by a wide variety of people. Why climb rocks in a gym when you can get out and challenge Mother Nature first hand. Whether you enjoy rappelling down a steep cliff or simply like the challenge of a climb up your favorite rock surface, Arizona rock climbing tours is the place to come for all of the most popular rock climbing destinations. Come and witness Arizona from a seldom seen perspective.

Rock Climbing Guides

Rock climbing guides are the perfect way to hit the mountain side with out having to know a whole lot about rock climbing. Let out experienced staff of rock climbers take you on a safe, unforgetable tour and supply you with all of the knowledge needed to sucesfully complete a rock climb. If you are worried that the rock climbs may be too much or over bearing fear not. We have different stages of rock climbing for all activity levels. Whether you.ve never climbed before or you're an expert rock climber we will have a tour for you!

Canyoneering Tours

Canyoneering tours, the newest addition to the rock climbing scene, offer more excitement and adventure than you could ask for. Canyoneering is simply exploring the extraordinary landscape of sweeping slickrock, desolate dirtscapes, and wonderful canyons created by the climate and geology combined. Like all rock climbing tours, canyoneering tours also come in all different levels. Explore Arizona Tours offers small unique tours suitable for small children all the way up to technical explorations requiring ropes, wetsuits, and other rock climbing/canyoneering equipment.

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