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Approximate Time: Sunrise (varies)
$175.00 per Adult x
$125.00 per Child (5 - 12) x

Sunset Hot Air Ballon Adventure

You'll be given photo opportunities unlike before on the Sunset Hot Air Ballon Adventure. Take the opportunity to go on a romantic sunset adventure an...

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

Duration: 3 hours
Departs from: Deer Valley Airport parking lot or some hotels in the Phoenix area

The Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride leaving from the Phoenix area is one of excitement and adventure from the start. When you arrive at the Sonoran Desert launch site, we'll brief you on the flight and how the balloon flies. This information will be valuable as it will help make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable. The inflation of the balloon kicks of the adventure. Once the motorized fans fill the balloon with air, the propane ignites to heat the air inside. Thirty minutes from here and we're off to join your pilot and enter the beautiful and luxurious wicker basket. The hand weaved basket is incredibly spacious and comfortable allowing everyone to enjoy their ride to the fullest.

The balloon feels amazingly light as you gently lift off the ground. Once in the air, the view is second to none. Visualize yourself above the earth's gorgeous floor looking out on the beautiful country with an unobstructed 360 degree view. There's really nothing comparable to this opportunity. Picture taking will be convenient and enjoyable, the air will be clean and fresh, and the sites will be breathtaking. Generally we fly around the 400 feet above ground mark, but the flight will vary at times. At this altitude, you not only get excellent views, but you also get to hear the sounds of the wildlife below. Coyote, jack rabbits, quail, and roadrunners are all common encounters, and often deer and javalina are seen as well. As you soar your pilot will point out these incredible finds as well as some interesting facts about the exotic landscape. Descend to within inches of trees and cacti much to everyone's delight!

We'll have our ground crews tracking you over some desert lanes and roads so that they'll be nearby when you land. This will be a gala occasion! We'll greet you in the traditional manner with flutes of champagne and scrumptiously prepared gourmet food. If you're a first time rider you'll be treated to the legendary ceremony that balloonists all over the world have been sharing for centuries. From here, magically carpeting appears on the desert floor and you are led to a lovely table complete with fine linens and china. What you are about to enjoy is stunning! As if you weren't already being treated like royalty, next you'll be inducted into the balloon society and awarded the Certificate d'Ascension En Machine Aerostatique. There is no finer honor in the ballooning world. As you can see, we treat our Hot Air Balloon guests as if they weren't just mere mortals but something higher and more special. Not only because that's our policy, but also because you deserve it! Come and enjoy our royal treatment on the Sunrise Hot Air Balloon adventure. You'll encounter everything from fun and adventure, to beauty and luxury and you'll never forget the memories along the way.

  • Arrive at Deer Valley Airport 45 minutes prior to sunrise
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • Watch the inflation of your balloon
  • Join pilot in beautiful, oversized hand-created wicker basket
  • Be sure and bring your camera...beautiful photo opportunities
  • In the air about 1 - 1.5 hours
  • F.A.A. Certified and Insured
  • Champagne Breakfast which includes Chilled Champagne, Quiche Lorraine, Chocolate-filled Croissants, Soft Cheese, Orange Juice and Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Type of Transportation

Beautiful Hot Air Balloon that holds 6, 8, 10 or 12 people


Ballooning is an exhilarating experience for everyone - from the neophyte adventurer to the seasoned veteran, from the young to the more mature. Restrictions include: pregnancies, recent back surgery, must be able to jump off the second step of a ladder onto the floor. Youngest child passenger is 5 years old.

What to Wear

Comfortable, casual clothing is always recommended on our tours, since we are enjoying nature in desert environment. Temperature in the balloon is about the same as the ground. Please dress appropriately for the day's anticipated temperatures. During the winter months a jacket may be necessary. Closed toe shoes should be worn. A hat and sunglasses are recommended but not required.


Approximately 3 Hours for the total experience


Daily, year round

Departure Time & Location

Times vary according to sunrise time. The earliest is 5:00 AM and lift off one hour later. Latest is 7:00 AM and lift off one hour later. Check in time will be about 45 minutes before sunrise. Exact time will be given after booking. Deer Valley Airport, in the parking lot

704 W. Deer Valley Road, Phoenix, AZ 85027

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